The Federation believes that we have a role supporting our member’s well-being in the broadest sense. Every week we will aim to add content to this page, If you feel that you would like to add to our Wellbeing section please email details to

The following articles have been shared with the Federation by Gillian Powell. Gillian believes strongly that wellbeing is must be a priority for us all. Have a read she has shared some really excellent articles.

  1. Mental Health Ireland Blog – Five Ways to Well Being
  2. Well Being – Importance of Mindfulness
  3. Well Being – Well Being
  4. Five Favourite Yoga Blogs
  5. Darina Allen’s Healthy Soda Bread
  6. Walking is a Super Power
  7. Supporting Irish! – Voya 
  8. Confused by Health Insurance Plans – check HIA for independent advice 
  9. How to improve your mental wellbeing –
  10. Why ‘EQ’ Is The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Kids 
  11. Contact a Samaritan: If you need someone to talk to, they listen. They won’t judge or tell you what to do.
  12. Irish Association for counselling and psychotherapy

13. 100 Great things to do in Ireland this summer