Philip Carney
FECP Secretary
Brief info

From a Bespoke Childcare Unit to Local Expansion and the FECP: A Journey of Dedication and Growth.

In 2004, my partner and I ventured into the childcare industry in Co. Tipperary, where we developed a purpose built childcare unit to meet the local communities needs. With my background in Accountancy, I led the Finance and Compliance side, bringing extra knowledge and experience to running a successful business.

My aim is to positively impact child development in Ireland and enable the financial stability of Early years providers through the backing and support of the Federation.

Striving for continuous improvement, to implement best practices, up-to-date childcare methodologies, and stay abreast of industry advancements to develop the largest providers' development platform and negotiate financially prudent deals on behalf of our members.

Looking ahead, my vision for the future of childcare endeavors us to continue making a positive impact on the well being of both providers and children by enabling quality childcare rather than a paperwork driven structure.

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