In essence there is an opportunity for innovative thinking to fund a successful phased reopening of the sector:

  • At all costs our children must be safe.
  • At all costs our employees must be safe
  • To sustain a phased opening businesses must cover their costs. 

These three principles are just common sense.

The Federation of Early Childcare Providers surveyed our members and 90% said they would not open or were considering not opening in June.

We surveyed our parents and 80% said that they would avail of childcare if a safe opening strategy was in place for early childcare facilities.

We are committed to work with the Department and all stakeholders to come up with a strategy that will work for parents and providers.

No one wants to see this process fail.

Everyone is committed to a practical approach that ensures safety for all and a sustainable business model for providers to create that safe learning environment for our kids and their parents.